From the very beginning, BET SHE CAN’s approach has always been to set objectives, monitor progress, reflect on results and learn – even when the numbers were small. There’s still a long way to go, but we’ve built a strong base upon which we can start to think big.



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*Data updated as of December 31, 2018

(*) Girls, boys, young females and males

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Girls dream of the world of STEM

  • Over eight in ten think about it and thanks to the programmes they’ve been able to give it a go and build up some experience
  • 50% increase in interest in and knowledge of the sciences
Sara, 11: “I’m very proud. I really liked learning about the world of technology.”
Sofia, 9: “Our programme was really good – it was engaging, interesting and wonderful. I’ll never forget it. Thank you for paying us so much attention.”
Elisa, 10: “I loved the project. I really liked it because I learned lots of new things about trains and technology.”

There’s no better way to develop SOFT SKILLS than by experiencing them first-hand

  • 91% of the girls experienced a change
  • Teamwork, group diversity, creative knowledge sharing, responsibility involved in delivering ambitious projects
Riccardo, 18: “All of us matured both practically and mentally. It was lovely to work with younger girls.”
Giovanni, 16: “I think I became more responsible.”
Francesco, 17: “It was a great experience that made us understand how to work as part of a team.”
Christian, 17: “I learned to work with the girls, who are really creative. It showed me that you can work with people of any age.”

Wonder has a magical and enlightening power

  • 84% of the students were surprised
  • Easy way to go beyond the comfort zone: “natural” invitation to question things and “spontaneous” rule breaking
Elia, 17: “I was really struck by the ability of the girls to learn new technical ideas, as well as their willingness to participate. I was also impressed by the fact that they weren’t afraid of interacting with older kids.”
Claudia, 9: “At the start I didn’t think I was going to like the experience, but then I realised it was the best thing in the world.”
Luca, 17: “One girl was so happy to be with the older kids and gave me a hug because I was nice to her!”

There’s no technical problem that can’t be overcome

  • Over 60 objects produced, included automated houses, carts for carrying rucksack, plastic station models, level crossing prototypes and station prototypes inspired by automation and colour therapy, plastic models of the railway network, magnetic miniature trains, etc.
  • Skills, enthusiasm, tangible effort and teamwork make all the difference
Marta, 9: “It was fun. I liked working with clever, intelligent, friendly people.”
Davide, 17: “I wasn’t that clever at their age!”
Manuel, 17: “Fantastic experience! The girls showed they knew how to use the same programmes we use. They were really great. I’d like to do this experience again!”
Francesco, 17: “I was pleasantly surprised by the girls’ work. I think I learned more from them than they did from me in the end!”

Activity Report

Main supporters

Active partnerships

BET SHE CAN collaborates with the following organisations who work in female empowerment in Italy

  • DClub for the “Alice in Banca” project
  • EWMD Reggio Emilia and Modena; in particular for the Ragazze Digitali [Digital Girls] initiative as part of La tribù in Reggio Emilia


BET SHE CAN is also involved in the following international initiatives

Shaking the habitual project (2015 to 2017), featuring the Progettinfanzia association, the Hjalli Forskolan network of schools in Rejkavik (Iceland), the Swedish municipality of Harryda (coordinating partner) and the Egalia and Nikolaigarden schools in Stockholm. The project was a collective reflection exercise on training for teachers and educators, designed to create equal opportunities for play and learning in educational services.


Spreading social innovation

Participation in the 2017 and 2018 Milan editions of the Festival della Crescita [Festival of Growth], an initiative devised and delivered by Future Concept Lab. The festival’s aim is to create a virtuous cycle between the protagonists of growth and development, including citizens, institutions, companies, creatives, students and professionals.


World of children

Collaboration with Carthusia Edizioni, a children’s publishers, targeted at people who – like them -love good stories.

Prizes and recognition

Diversity non-profit of the Year – Legal Community Prize – July 2017

BET SHE CAN is one of the leading foundations in Italy working to fight gender stereotypes in school. In order to achieve this, the organisation has run several projects in collaboration with lots of municipalities, schools, colleges and companies, including Mattel and the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato.


Stefania Bonfanti – General Manager LC Publishing Group –

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