BET SHE CAN’s activities are focused on three areas:

  • planning and delivering empowerment programmes for girls with selected partners in Italy;
  • raising funds to finance the programmes, cover running costs and provide money to accelerate the growth of the foundation;
  • raising awareness of the need to invest in the future of women and overcome gender stereotypes among institutions and the wider public.

Planning and implementing programmes

The programmes can focus on one or more aspects and can be split into three main categories:

Corpo e mente

Body and Mind

Programmes focused on getting to know and respecting our bodies, looking at how our bodies change, how to improve and protect our psychological and physical wellbeing, education about a proper diet, understanding and strengthening our personalities, being aware of our potential, developing critical spirit, dealing with group dynamics and generally managing relationships with other people.

Mestieri e Passioni

Jobs and Passions

Programmes designed to bring girls closer to and get them passionate about professions that are generally considered “male” professions, thus allowing them to explore new opportunities and perspectives, discover unusual experiences and encounter new vocations. Special focus on the world of science and technology.


Environment and Background

Programmes that strengthen the girls’ awareness of and ability to correctly perceive the context that surrounds them, even where this is a virtual one (media, internet, social networks), as a way of boosting awareness and aiding prevention. Programmes dedicated to developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with the planet that respects all form of life and is sustainable over time.

Alongside this, the development programmes are designed according to different levels of awareness:



Programmes dedicated to developing self-awareness in individuals.

Io con te

You and I

Programmes dedicated to developing critical awareness of oneself within relationships and group situations.



Programmes dedicated to developing self-awareness within social contexts and group behaviours designed to improve quality of life.

All of the initiatives, which are split into several sessions, have been designed with a special focus on how they can be self-fulfilling (e.g. how the effects of a programme can last in the long term), spread and be replicated.


BET SHE CAN oversees the structuring of the programmeas whole and, for the implementation phase, uses its network of operational partners (professional, school, association or cooperative)with the most suitable specific skills for each programme. We remain an active participant in all initiatives and maintain ultimate responsibility for achieving the objectives.


Where students are enrolled at technical colleges, the programmes will take place as part of the work/school programme, in agreement with the company sponsoring the programme or directly via the BET SHE CAN foundation.


We take the utmost care in the evaluation phase, using questionnaires before and after programmes to gauge the feedback of participants and collaborators.

Essentially, our focus is on getting things done. Our approach is known for:

  • our obsession with the quality of our programmes – either we do it well or we don’t do it at all;
  • the duration of the programmes – minimum of six sessions over a two-month period, because this process requires time and needs to be able to take root;
  • our focus on replicability – at the end of a programme, we encourage participants to continue them, even without the active presence of the foundation, following on from the experiences of the people involved;
  • project management – all our project managers have years of proven management experience in complex, corporate environments;
  • the systematic, rigorous way we measure the impact of every programme – no measuring, no results.


Marie Madeleine Gianni – Founder and President, BET SHE CAN –


Generally speaking, BET SHE CAN operates by request of a supporter, whether that’s a company, a public organisation or a private donor. Based on the requirements and objectives, the foundation will then suggest a project either by adapting past initiatives or creating a made-to-measure programme.


The foundation is responsible for overseeing the creation of the programme, selecting the most suitable partner and developing the project for the supporter, with whom we work in collaboration throughout the preparation phase.


BET SHE CAN adopts a project management role during the implementation phase. The foundation oversees the process and ensures it is properly implemented, making sure that the objectives are met and the foundation’s principles adhered to.


Supporters may:

  • Request the creation of a bespoke programme;
  • Suggest a new programme;
  • Support an existing programme as a community sponsor;
  • Request that a programme be implemented within a company around issues the foundation works on;
  • Provide general support to what the foundation does.


Projects are launched when the necessary funding required to guarantee their full implementation has been secured.

Over 90% of donations received by the BET SHE CAN Foundation comes from companies. The remaining 10% comes from private donors and 5×1000 campaigns.

BET SHE CAN stand out from the crowd on account of their amazing creativity during the planning phase and excellent attention to detail during implementation! They were great partners in the past for the Barbie #puoiesseretuttociòchedesideri campaign in 2016 and I’m sure that we’ll have further opportunities to team up in the future!


Filippo Agnello – VP & Country Manager PAN EUROPE, Mattel inc. –

Raising awareness among institutions and the general public. Networking

BET SHE CAN works hard to boost awareness in areas where the issues addressed by the foundation are apparent. We use articles and interviews to engage with the general public and strive to be a humble yet innovative voice when dealing with institutions.


BET SHE CAN believes in the power of networks to make new, like-minded contacts and in the importance of different players all making their contribution towards the same objectives.

The consolidation of relationships with organisations that work in the local area around issues close to the foundation’s heart is a vital step in ensuring long-term sustainability.

Working with Bet She Can is a truly special experience! We teamed up to run the “Con l’altra metà del Cielo” [With the other half of the sky] programme for girls in primary schools and STEM students at technical colleges – and it’s been a great success! Thanks to the initiatives, my students have changed – they’re more focused and respectful of the richness and beauty of diversity. It’s a gamble that paid off!


Anna Borando – Headmistress, Istituto Tecnico “G. Galilei- R. Luxemburg”, Milan – 

Our experience with BET SHE CAN challenged us and gave us pause for reflection. Trying to break through the prejudices which condition us is both an opportunity and a fortunate experience. We will draw on this also in our other projects – we loved it!


Silvia Quarati – President, Cooperativa Sociale Eureka