La Tribù
[The Tribe]


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Ripple effect


I want to be an engineer when I grow up because I like making things. I invented a kind of car that doesn’t need gas… I’ll build it when I’m older! - Valentina, 8


  • Encourage participants to discover new activities and opportunities for growth and build more self-confidence, curiosity and awareness of individual potential.


  • Accompany participants on a journey that tackles the themes of empowerment and questions gender stereotypes.


  • Encourage positive discussion, promote solidarity and social relationships, experiment with group dynamics and encounter positive, constructive competition.


  • Help participants to interact and build confidence around girls from the same age range, thus boosting their confidence and making them more aware of the strength of groups in dealing with life’s opportunities and difficulties.


  • Promote concrete participation from the local business (supporting companies), social (partners) and human (testimonies) context and introduce participants to economic and social life in the place they live.


  • La Tribù represents a space where girls between the ages of eight and 10 can meet up, interact, discover and have fun, regardless of their social, cultural, economic or religious background.


  • The programme is based around a treasure hunt – the main theme, featuring clues, discoveries, exploring in the city – as well as additional workshops at Base Camp, a familiar and welcoming place (library, museum).


  • At every stage, a new objective is presented. This must be reached using the clues provided at Base Camp or clues linked to exploratory activities in the local area (information gathering, testimonials, interviews, etc.). This objective (the “discovery”) creates a link, based on play, with additional themed workshops, which are specially designed with the technical partner and overseen by specialist figures. The workshops are developed around the theme in question (e.g. workshops to introduce the girls to science and technology, programmes based around developing individual potential, workshops to introduce girls to professionals or jobs typically associated with men, reflections on body representations, photographic exercises analysing the variability of aesthetic models, etc.).


  • To supplement this, one-off meetings are organised featuring participation and testimonials from women who have had innovative professional and personal experiences. The aim of this is to encourage the girls to reflect and provide a source of inspiration.


  • The programme is supported by the Departments of Equal Opportunity of the Municipalities of Reggio Emilia and Piacenza.

Why it’s important

By exploring the local area and interacting with citizens by gathering information, interviews, school visits and events, we are able to promote the importance of equal opportunity, possibility and freedom of choice throughout the community.

  • Participants: 33
  • People involved: 224
  • Output: annual event, coordinated by the local municipality, to illustrate the work done.
  • Main supporter: BET SHE CAN Foundation (Reggio Emilia), IREN Local Committee (Piacenza).
  • Technical partner: Reggiana Educatori Cooperativa Sociale [Reggiana Educators Social Cooperative] (Reggio Emilia), Cooperativa Sociale Eureka [Eureka Social Cooperative] (Piacenza).
  • Location: Reggio Emilia – Based Camp at the Musei Civici; Piacenza – Base Camp supplied by the Eureka Cooperative.
  • Number of editions and status: 2; ongoing.

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