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And together we held our breath, in that space between courage and fear that we had learned to know well `{`Extract Volo con te`}`


  • Transform a book into an authentic occasion of dialogue, discussion and self-discovery.


  • Transmit the strong meaning of our journey through life, in order to become “that which we were inside, which is something that emerges slowly, like the approach of the horizon when travelling by sea”.


  • In addition to the young readers, involve an ageless audience – parents, grandparents, friends, booksellers etc. – in an as natural was as possible.


  • Help to raise awareness of BET SHE CAN, the Foundation’s approach and its projects and increase our audience and supporters.


  • Volo con te is a book, and a project. It generates a dialogue between generations and stimulates the personal and relational development of each individual, promoting awareness and freedom of choice, topics BET SHE CAN holds dear .


  • The engaging and exciting story, conceived by Sabina Colloredo, with Marco Brancato’s flamboyant illustrations, is the tale of two friends who leave for a journey in search of Diego and who, through this quest, make contact with their inner selves. Along the journey they will encounter surprises and obstacles that will prove determining factors for their growth path.


  • Volo con te is also the result from gathering and listening to the experiences of two ad hoc focus groups, involving parents and children. It has been produced in collaboration with the publishing house Carthusia Edizioni.

Why it’s important

Choosing one’s own path is not only necessary for oneself but is also the foundation of any authentic social relationship, from personal exchanges in the private sphere to an individual’s contribution in the world of work.

  • Participants: 645
  • People involved: 1.935
  • Output: the book, Volo con te
  • Main supporter: QVC Italy
  • Technical partner: Carthusia Edizioni
  • Location: Italy
  • Number of editions and status: first edition; ongoing

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