Open Day di un grande gruppo italiano
[Open Day of a big Italian company]


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Mestieri e Passioni


Jobs and passions


Ripple effect


It was a massive challenge to accommodate 2000 children in 14 locations across Italy’s biggest cities, but we did it! They spent the morning learning about their parent’s workplace and it was a great chance to introduce them to some of the technical professions available and challenge gender stereotypes through play. - Marie-Madeleine Gianni, BET SHE CAN President


  • Show the value of diversity at work to the sons and daughters of employees through a company event.


  • Engage with the children through activities designed to introduce some of the professions at the company in a playful way, thus encouraging them to discover their potential, challenge gender stereotypes and remove “male” labels that are often associated with technical professionals and senior company positions.


  • Introduce the children to their parents’ jobs – parents play an active role alongside the role models.


  • Ensure each child leaves with a memory of their experience.


Around 2000 children between the ages of four and twelve took part at 14 locations in Italy’s main cities. They spent the morning discovering their parent’s workplace:


  • Active involvement of parents and role models;
  • Bespoke workshops centred around the company’s typical activities, with assistance from a number of educators based on the number of children taking part at each location.


The BET SHE CAN Foundation coordinated and oversaw the entire network of local partners, which it sought out and selected on an ad hoc basis. The foundation also supervised the production of the handbook, the preparation of the workshop material and delivered training.

Why it’s important

Females account for just 11% of managers in this specific business context, while female presence in technical professionals is equal to just 21%. Faced with these stats, it’s vital that we promote the importance and value of diversity throughout companies.


Open Day – a company event for the families of employees – was a chance for the company to show its desire to change the culture and educate and motivate future generations to leave stereotypes behind and undertake alternative study routes rather than the standard ones of today.

  • Participants: 2000
  • People involved: 4028
  • Output: As a souvenir from the event, every child was given a booklet explaining the professions practised at the company through games, surveys and stories.
  • Main supporter: A large Italian company.
  • Technical partner: Panta Rei Cooperative, as well as eight other associations and cooperatives from across Italy.
  • Location: 14 locations in the main Italian cities.
  • Number of editions and status: first edition; September 2017.

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