Donate your 5×1000 to BET SHE CAN

Indicate the following tax code on your tax return:



How do I donate my 5x1000 to the BET SHE CAN Foundation?

The CU, 730 and UNICO tax return forms include a 5×100 section. Simply sign, specify the BET SHE CAN Foundation and include the tax code 91022550270.

When can I do this?

A few weeks before you need to declare your earnings, when you’re asked to sign the form.

What is 5x1000?

5×1000 is a portion of tax which the State gives up for donation to non-profit organisations, in order to support their activities. If you decide not to allocate your 5×1000 to anybody in particular, it will go to the State.

5×1000 is not an additional tax and doesn’t cost you anything.

5×1000 does not replace the 8×1000 system relating to religious bodies. They are different things and both can be used.

5×1000 contributions received

Thanks for your support!

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